Manual HDD/SSD Destroyer

  • Modle No.:HDB-30V-E
  • Manual HDD/SSD Destroyer
  • Crush Box Hard disc drive and media physical destroyer
  • No.1 best selling destroyer in Japan and Asia Pacific  !
  • Compact portable manual HDD/SSD model with 3 tons hydraulic power with 2 shafts.
  • Operation System:2 holes through the latters of Hard drive&SSD + V shape.


The CrushBox HDB-30V-E is a hard drive destroyer/crusher, capable of physically destroying various media, including hard drives, CDs/DVDs, cell phones, and floppy disks, ensuring that the data on the media is completely unreadable. Our fast & reliable solutions are ideal for environment-friendly and low-cost media disposal, parts recycling and data loss prevention.

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HMC (Hydro-motion control)

The HMC (Hydro-motion mechanism) of the CrushBox Series (DB80SSD-E/DB60PRO-E and HDB-30V-E) is a unique, patented technology. The CrushBox HMC will automatically shut off individual pins when it detects the pin has hit a hard surface, such as the magnet inside a hard drive. Automatically shutting off individual pins ensures the equipment isn’t damaged when hard drives are accidentally inserted incorrectly. This HMC dramatically reduces the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

No.1 best selling destroyer in Japan and Asia!

Completely delete your drive data.

Crush Box It is the best solution for protecting leaking your important data from your PC

Nittoh Zohki’s Crush Box can completely destroy the medias such as hard disc drives, SSD, magnetic tapes and mobile phones to protect leaking your data.

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