SEM Crusher Model 0101 with SSD Kit

*For use with SEM Model 0101 Crusher and installed at initial time of purchase only.

The 0101 Hard Drive Crusher destroys all hard drives regardless of their size, format, or type up to 1.85” thick including drives found in laptop, desktop, or server systems. With the SSD Kit, the 0101 can be converted into a system that can effectively and securely destroy the solid state data storage chips found on a wide variety of circuit/controller boards.

The 0101 with SSD Kit destroys memory sticks, circuit/controller boards found on hard drives, solid state drives, cell phones, tablets, and similar devices, and is an economical and secure solution to eliminate data.

The SSD Kit is designed to be installed into the Model 0101 at the factory during the initial purchase only. It is further designed to allow the operator to convert the system into the HDD Crusher by removing the SSD Kit (SSD anvil, wear plate, and press plate) and installing the standard HDD anvil that comes with the package.

The SSD Kit includes the following installed items in the SEM Model 0101:

  • SSD anvil
  • SSD wear plate
  • SSD press plate

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Media Accepted: Rotational hard drives and solid state drives with caddies and/or rails included

Enterprise Drives Accepted: Yes

NSA EPL Listed: NSA/CSS EPL for Hard Drive Destruction Devices (HDD only)

DIN Security Level: 66399 H-3, E-2

Security Level – Government: Classified, CUI/PII for HDDs (drive must be degaussed first), SBU for SSDs, DoD Emergency Destruction Guidelines

Security Level – Commercial:  PII/PHI, California Senate Bill 1386, Colorado HB 18-1128, NIST 800-88, SOX, HIPAA, FACTA, FISMA, GLBA, PIPEDA, PCI DSS, NAID, GDPR

GSA Schedule: Open Market

Throughput: NSA rated up to 204 drives per hour; up to 450 3.5″ laptop drives per hour, up to 2,250 2.5″ laptop drives per hour

Particle Size: N/A

Feed Opening/Media Size (HxWxD): 1.85″ x 5.625″ x 9″

Waste Collection: N/A

Dimensions (HxWxD): 22” x 10” x 19”

Weight: 115 lbs.

Power: 0.33HP

Electrical: 115V—60Hz, international voltage available

Certifications: CE optional

Special Features: Crushes both HDDs and SSDs with one convenient device

Warranty: 1 year non-wear parts/90 days labor

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