Media Shredder_MMS3

Securely Shreds 2.5” Hard Drive, Floppy, USB, CD/DVD, Paper etc.

The Media Shredder_MMS3 is a newly developed shredder model
with improved performance. It is designed for secure and efficient
physical destruction of storage medium that carry sensitive data. It
supports 2.5” hard drive, cell phone (depending on device size), floppy
disk, USB, CD/DVD and paper.

  • Supports multiple types of storage media including 2.5” hard drive
  • Secure destruction that makes any type of data recovery impossible
  • 4 separated feeding ports to suit different types of media

Separated Feeding Ports

Four separated feeding ports leading to three independent cutters for
shredding of different media types.

High Security

Completely shred hard drives, paper and other medium into small
particles to ensure 100% data security.

Suitable for Office Environment

One single machine to destroy multiple types of media, with a relatively
light weight and a compact body, ideal for office use.

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