Data Expert Degausser 15X/25X/30X

Fast, Complete and Permanent Deletion of Data





  • 100% deletion of data, no recovery possibility
  • Fully-enclosed design protects nearby human and equipment
  • Can start erasure by software mouse-click
  • Acquired approvals of EMC, UL, compliant with US DoD, NSA, NIST,HK Government B&D requirements and other standards
  • Patent “Inclined Plane System” enhances degaussing force
  • Fast and efficient, simple operation
  • Optional managing software offers convenient auditing and reporting
  • Can verify degaussing result by magnetic checker cardso Portable (suitable for onsite service)

Inclined Plane System
(US Patent No.: US20120327530)

MFM Test

This degausser series has passed a MFM (Magnetic Force Microscope) testing in Tohoku University in Japan, which approved its full capability of degaussing. The tested media and test result is as below:

Test Unit:  2.5” Hitachi PMR HDD
Model Number:  HGST-HTS545050B9A300
Estimated Coercivity:  7,000 Oe


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