Are You Ready Enough to Face Cyber Attacks?


Protecting your business is crucial for your business continuity. Not only your physical assets, but the same thing also goes with your digital assets.

More than ever before, businesses and organizations rely on technology. A great deal of critical data is stored and the importance of safeguarding your networks and systems cannot be denied anymore. Companies who fail to secure themselves from cyber attacks will face the consequence of losing its data, its money, its reputation, and most importantly, its customers.

What is a Cyber Attack?

Cyberattack is a deliberate effort and action by hackers to maliciously disable information systems, steal data or breaka firewall. By accessing, changing, or destroying sensitive information, hackers extort money from breached systems and interrupt normal business operations. There are several methods of cyber-attack, including denial of service, ransomware, phishing, malware, viruses and hacking.

One of the most destructive cyber attack stories happened in Ukraine. Russia deployed a cyberwar tactics on Ukraine by hacking into dozens of Ukrainian governmental organizations and companies. On June 27, 2017, a malware (which is later called NotPetya) had taken out Ukraine’s electric grid, stopped their subway system, and caused ATMs in Ukraine to be out of service. The destruction was not only limited to Ukraine. The virus leaked into other parts of the world. One of the shipping giants, Maersk lost $300 million as their network went down. It is estimated that the total destruction and loss caused by NotPetyareached $10 billion.

During pandemic, the numbers of cyber-attacks are increasing significantly. It is reported that online scams spikeby more than 400% on March 2020 compared to the previous month according to international law firm Reed Smith.The pandemic apparently not only poses a threat to our health, but also to companies’ security. system Taking the advantage of the time where almost everyone relies on e-commerce, cyber criminals thrive and attack organizations by stealing important information and credentials, sending malicious links, creating fake landing pages, etc.

Cyber Attacks in Numbers

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Spending to recover from cyber attack per incident

Health care records that were breached in 2020 alone

Source: Cybint Solutions


What is Cyber Security?

Cyber Security is the practice to protect systems, networks, and programs from cyber attacks. A powerful cyber security has multi-layer protections and involves a complete set of tools and technologies to protect your systems from unauthorized access.

Cyber security companies race against cyber criminals who continuously discover new tactics to disrupt your business. Make sure that you only choose cyber security companies who can provide governance and trusted relationships for the entire information security program.

There are several types of services that is usually provided by cyber security companies, such as:

1.Network Security

Enforcing multitude of technologies, devices and processes, a powerful network security is designed to protect the integrity, confidentiality, and accessibility of computer networks.

2.Application Security

It is the process of protecting software and devices from unwanted attacks. Although this process can be done by constantly updating the apps, successful effort of securing the apps should starts from the design stage before it is even deployed.

3.Data Security or Information Security

Data security involves protecting any digital information from unauthorized access, corruption or data theft. Properly implemented security strategy will protect your organization’s information asset against any cyber criminals activities and guard against insider threats.

4.Identity Management Security

As an essential part of overall IT security system, the importance of managing the security of your identity and access management can’t be underestimated. Organizations must ensure that only authorized users have access to the specific applications, systems, or IT environments.

5.Operational Security

The risk management process to prevent sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands is called operational security. By identifying your sensitive data, possible threats, analyzing security holes, and formulating the correct countermeasures, organizations like yours can implement a thorough operational security system.

6.Cloud Security

The utilization of technology, policies, and monitoring that is implemented strategically can benefit greatly to protect your cloud data from costly loss. Public cloud environment has become a highly attractive objects for cyber criminals who can find any loophole in order to access and disrupt workload and data in the cloud.

Choosing The Right Cyber Security Company

When you window-shop for any cyber security companies, please bear in mind that not all security companies are the same. The number of cyber security companies and services has grown exponentially in the past decades. It is crucial for you to choose the right one amongst the many selections you are provided with.The best ones will provide you with transparent objectives and build a trusted, long relationships with you, just like DT Asia.

You will have to consider education, experiences and their service level to choose the right partner for your cyber security purposes. Cyber security is a broad field, ranging from deeply technical specialties such as ethical hacking to high level IT management strategy. When choosing for a cyber security company, do not hesitate to ask for their experiences and credentials and whether they have served businesses similar like yours.

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